Physiotherapy, Magic for the Body


Physiotherapy is a discipline of health that can provide a large number of benefits for the body. In the most natural way possible, without the use of drugs, physiotherapists are able to propose and provide various treatments.

The body exercises, mobilizes muscles essential for its proper functioning, relaxes parts that are in tension or injured. Get a notable improvement by recovering its correct functionality.

Physiotherapy in Dwarka has proven its usefulness in the treatment of multiple ailments, both chronic and acute. It has shown that, through the use of various manual techniques, the performance of various therapeutic exercises and the application of massages with heat and cold or even electricity, the desired response of the body can be achieved, leading to alleviating the symptoms caused by certain alterations, explains the physiotherapist in Dwarka.


One of the most important elements that are part of the human body are the nerves. These are responsible for carrying information from the brain to certain organs, so that they perform a certain function or from said organs to the brain itself, to report any situation. They are carriers of the information necessary for the complex machine that is the body to function like a clock. If these information carriers stop doing their job, a pathology called neuropathy appears.

But what is neuropathy? It is a relatively common disease and can be due to damage to a single nerve or a group of nerve. Understanding what neuropathy is and how it affects us is vitally important to find a solution to this problem, says the best physiotherapist in Dwarka.

Physiotherapy consultation

Our body is a perfect machine where everything is connected. The malfunction of a part of it causes an alteration that can make the simplest tasks complicated. Thus, if the nerves stop performing their function correctly, the muscles are affected, they stop responding as they should, and the simple act of walking can be a problem. Obviously, performing treatments that improve the function of these muscles will lead to alleviating these symptoms and recovering a normal life.

Causes and symptoms of neuropathy

Defining the causes and symptoms of neuropathy can help you learn more about this disorder. There are many causes that can cause this type of alteration of the nervous system. Sometimes it is very difficult to know an exact cause, and there may also be hereditary cases of neuropathy.

One of the most common causes that can be attributed to poor nervous system function is diabetes. In this case, this alteration is known as diabetic neuropathy. High levels of sugar in the blood cause nerve damage, a situation that leads to diabetic neuropathy.

Basically, the symptoms that the body presents when affected by neuropathy are tingling or burning in the arms and legs. Loss of sensation is another neuropathic symptom, causing numbness to heat, cold, or even pain. Likewise, this numbness leads to a loss of control of foot movement, causing loss of balance. As a result, certain relatively simple actions can become a real ordeal, since the muscles of the body cannot be controlled, even presenting problems in the digestion of food in some cases.

Today, there are various treatments for this type of pathology. One of the most interesting that appears as a very useful alternative is physical rehabilitation. There are many benefits of physiotherapy in the treatment of various diseases and its use in the treatment of disorders of the nervous system has emerged as a very effective way to relieve the pain that it can cause.

Benefits of Physiotherapy

One of the most noted benefits of physiotherapy in Dwarka is that it allows the body to maintain mobility and strength regardless of the cause that has caused its deterioration. The physical rehabilitation that this discipline of health provides, improves the functions of movement, achieves progressive stretching and strengthening of the muscles so that they can develop their function correctly, favors the balance of the body by providing stability and avoiding falls, improves posture, achieves the pain relief in certain parts of the body, etc.

Exercising the body is one of the most effective therapies that exist, it provides a great number of advantages and benefits. The rehabilitation techniques that a physiotherapist in Janakpuri applies are an excellent help to prevent, treat and in many cases achieve a complete recovery from injuries or ailments, getting an organism altered by some pathology back on track.

Patients with neurological disorders caused by cerebrovascular accidents, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, can achieve a significant improvement in their symptoms through exercises and rehabilitation techniques applied by a professional physiotherapist in Dwarka, improving the sensitivity of the extremities, re-education muscle, improvement of gait or balance, among others.

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